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How to Find Some Scholarship Essay Sample Tips

How to Find Some Scholarship Essay Sample TipsIf you are new to studying for a degree or simply looking for some more help in writing an essay, you may want to consider using a writing service. While this may sound like a pretty convenient way to go about it, the truth is that there are other alternatives that are much more helpful. There are many places where you can get assistance in the area of essay writing, but you need to find out what they have to offer. Here are a few tips to help you locate these things.Your first stop should be your college. This may seem like a scary thought for some students, but it is important to take this into consideration when you are searching for scholarships and other educational opportunities. You will want to spend as much time in class as possible, and if you have the opportunity to do so by writing essay samples, you should take advantage of this.The internet is also a great resource for this, but it is important to consider the quality of wri ting on offer. Many services will charge you extra for using their services, so it is important to check the quality of the writers before you choose one.Your second stop should be the local library. There are plenty of scholarship essay samples to be found there, but they are often rather outdated. You can also use a public library for most of your writing needs, and this is a good place to start.Don't forget to visit the library again if you can. You will have to pay a fee, but this will save you a lot of time. Remember that if you need help with any aspect of your education, you should consider using a writing service.You may also want to use some of the article directories and the online research tools to find scholarship essay samples. This is a great way to save moneyon writing samples, but you need to make sure that you have some specific criteria that you are looking for. That way, you will be able to narrow down your search to an easier task.Make sure that you take all of t he information that you can find about writing assistance to find some scholarship essay samples that are right for you. These will provide you with all of the help that you need, and you will be more motivated to get through your education than ever before.

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Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment - 3687 Words

1. Morality PRO: The crimes of rape, torture, treason, kidnapping, murder, larceny, and perjury pivot on a moral code that escapes apodictic [indisputably true] proof by expert testimony or otherwise. But communities would plunge into anarchy if they could not act on moral assumptions less certain than that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Abolitionists may contend that the death penalty is inherently immoral because governments should never take human life, no matter what the provocation. But that is an article of faith, not of fact. The death penalty honors human dignity by treating the defendant as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill; it does not treat him as an animal with no moral†¦show more content†¦People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death... life in prison is less feared. Murderers clearly prefer it to execution -- otherwise, they would not try to be sentenced to life in prison instead of death... Therefore, a life sentence must be less deterrent than a death sentence. And we must execute murderers as long as it is merely possible that their execution protects citizens from future murder. Ernest Van Den Haag, PhD Late Professor of Jurisprudence at Fordham University For the Death Penalty, New York Times Oct. 17, 1983 CON: [T]here is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than long terms of imprisonment. States that have death penalty laws do not have lower crime rates or murder rates than states without such laws. And states that have abolished capital punishment show no significant changes in either crime or murder rates. The death penalty has no deterrent effect. Claims that each execution deters a certain number of murders have been thoroughly discredited by social science research. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) The Death Penalty: Questions and Answers, ACLU.org Apr. 9, 2007 4. Retribution PRO: Society is justly ordered when each person receives what is due to him. Crime disturbs this just order, for the criminal takes from people their lives, peace, liberties, and worldly goods in order to give himselfShow MoreRelatedPros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1608 Words   |  7 Pageswhere capital punishment is legal. As of April 2016, there have been 1,431 executions in the United States, but the number of executions in recent years has been steadily decreasing (Timmons 2017). The death penalty can be put up for moral debate, and one can ask oneself whether the death penalty is ever morally permissible. There are some pros and cons to having capital punishment. For example, deterrence and prevention are good reasons to have the death penalty, but, in reality, the cons far outweighRead MorePros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1237 Words   |  5 PagesPros and Cons of Capital Punishment INTRODUCTION Each year there are around 250 people added to death row and 35 executed. The death penalty is the most severe method of penalty enforced in the United Sates today. Once a jury has condemned a criminal of a crime they go to the following part of the trial, the punishment phase. If the jury recommends the death penalty and the judge coincides, then the criminal will face some form of execution. Lethal injection is the most common process of executionRead MorePros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1319 Words   |  6 PagesPeople and courts often justify capital punishment as society’s moral duty to safeguard the safety and well-being of its citizens. According to Miriam-Webster, capital punishment is the practice of killing people as punishment for serious crimes. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being. There is much controversy in the punishment of offenders who have committed murder. It is the maximum sentence a person can receive if the crime of murder is com mitted. Some would say it is inhumaneRead MorePros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1303 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Punishment: The Benefits and Downfalls Taylor M. Osborne Charleston Southern University Abstract The following essay explores the pros and cons of capital punishment. A brief history of how capital punishment was introduced into modern society is included. Various resources have been used for research which include online articles, studies, and textbook references. This paper suggests the costs of capital punishment to be very high, but brings closure and justice to families, and evenRead MorePros And Cons Of Capital Punishment1471 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Capital punishment is one of the most controversial ethical issues that our country faces these days. Capital punishment is the legal penalty of death for a person that has performed heinous acts in the eyes of the judicial system. Discussion on whether capital punishment is humane or considered cruel and unusual punishment has been the main issue this of debate for years. Recent discussion goes far beyond the act itself but now brings into question whether medical personal shouldRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment Essay855 Words   |  4 PagesThe Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment Since the mid 1900’s, capital punishment has brought many individuals into many diverse view points throughout the years. Capital punishment is a way of punishing a convict by killing him or her because of the crime he or she committed. Capital punishment will always have its pros and cons. There are opponents who absolutely disagree with capital punishment. And then there are advocates who support the idea. In the advocates view point, capital punishmentRead MoreEssay on The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment1208 Words   |  5 PagesThe topic of capital punishment is one that is highly debated in our society today. Capital punishment is the ultimate punishment our society can give one for their actions. On the other hand, it is viewed as a denial of human rights that promotes more violence in our society. Religious Tolerance.org states that in the United States, over 13,000 people have been legally executed since colonial times. (Religious Tolerance) Is capital punis hment a moral act? It is not a moral punishment as it deniesRead MoreDeath Penalty: The Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment Essay527 Words   |  3 Pagesto you about these problems with the death penalty in my paper. Everyone should ask themselves what they believe. Do you believe that by killing people using the death it will save lives. The death penalty is called capital punishment. You get sentenced with capital punishment for really bad crimes. Some of the ways they do the death penalty are with lethal injection, deadly gas. In some of the foreign countries they will kill people that have been given the death penalty by a firing squadRead MoreCapital Punishment Essay667 Words   |  3 PagesAdvent Catholic Encyclopedia, Capital Punishment is the infliction by due legal process of the penalty of death as a punishment for crime. Capital Punishment, also known as, the Death Penalty has been around for centuries. The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes (www.deathpenaltyinfo.org). Not only is Capital Punishment ancient, it is highly controversialRead MoreBureau Of Justice Statistics : The United States Primary Source For Criminal Justice1439 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Punishment. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). U.S. Department of Justice. 25 Nov. 2014. Web. Web. 25 Nov. 2014. Bureau of Justice Statistics is the United States primary source for criminal justice statistics. The website has published information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, â€Å"The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) is a component of the Office

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis...

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Good and bad. Pure and evil. Right and wrong. Joy and despair. These are all themes Robert Louis Stevenson addresses in his novel, â€Å"The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde† Robert Louis Stevenson presents the view that no human has the capacity to be completely good or completely bad. Instead human nature is shown to exhibit both good and bad with dynamic results. Human nature encourages us to feel and experience a range of emotions. Happiness, sadness, love and hate are all natural feeling that helps to shape our personality. To help the elderly, to feed the poor, to shelter the homeless, to nurture a baby are all elements of human nature and†¦show more content†¦Within this novel Stevenson shows that love and hate are closely interlocked this is a common aspect of human nature. E.g. Love hate relationship. Human nature is a very complex process; it consists of many different dimensions including frustration and boredom. This can lead to the desire to explore, and experiment. Human nature encourages people to push the boundaries of conformity like going into space or landing on the moon. Stevenson shows how an innocent curiosity about our darker side of our nature can get out of hand. Jekyll is a very different character to Hyde, everyone likes him, he is well known about town and he is well looked upon. He is kind, and when socialising with friends he is very well liked. just like his friend â€Å" Richard Enfield†¦ the well known man about town†Jekyell is very respectable gentleman with a reputation to maintain, however in the disguise of Hyde, he can lurk around the town after dark, strolls the red light district and fulfilling his desires without any risk to his reputation. In Jekyll and Hyde Stevenson illustrate the two sides of human nature within one person. Jekyll represents the acceptable elements of human nature the well mannered, distinguished doctor who meets the demands of a prudish society. Jekyll lives a double life, one of success and the other of shame. Jekyll is imprisoned by the moral demands of Victorian society. Human nature can be very complex and the desire to do goodShow MoreRelatedThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson2251 Words   |  10 PagesThe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson When asked this question, the immediate answer is, yes. Robert Louis Stevenson uses the features of a conventional horror story, which were very popular at the time, but also uses the story to raise social issues and make criticisms about the hypocrisy and double standards of Victorian society, in general, and Victorian London in particular. The first aspect of horror to be noticed is that the mainRead MoreAnalysis Of The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, By Robert Louis Stevenson1323 Words   |  6 Pagesdirectly represented in the literature of the time. An excellent example is, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson, which gives a direct image of what Victorian era was like with his writing style as well as the story itself. Specifically, Stevenson portrays exactly how Victorian social life commenced as well as displays the main points of social standards of the time. Robert Louis Stevenson uses individual characters in the novella to accurately depict how people protectedRead More Analysis of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson2888 Words   |  12 PagesAnalysis of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson In an attempt to consider the duality tale, one narrative inevitably finds its way to the top of the heap as the supreme archetype: Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Immense disagreement permeates the pages of literary criticism relevant to the meaning of the story. Yet, for all of the wrangling focused on the psychology, morality, spirituality, and sociality of the story, itRead More Good and Evil in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson4276 Words   |  18 PagesGood and Evil in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Throughout the story of â€Å"The Strange Case Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde†, the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, presents his idea of the duality of man- where we all have a dark, wicked side within us, where evil is held in waiting to surface, but we hide it away, we pretend it does not exist, and we keep it tame. He presents this idea by using two protagonists, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who are actually the sameRead MoreLiterary Analysis of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† by Robert Louis Stevenson1530 Words   |  7 Pageslocation in the 1800’s during the Victorian era in this novel. As the story unfolds in the classic literature novel, â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† written by Robert Louis Stevenson, the magnificent city of London becomes a darker and mysterious location. The powerful city of London embodied the freedom and solitude required for the antagonist of the story, Mr. Hyde to hide his wicked behavior from the society as a whole. According to the history of the Victorian age, â€Å"Traditional waysRead MoreTransformations in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson704 Words   |  3 PagesDr. Jekyll being an eminent doctor, with a powerful social and educational background, has an extremely sophisticated and refined appearance â€Å"a large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty† (44). As the quote suggests Dr. Jekyll has a majestic and renowned persona. The charity he does for the society, and his living Standards are all visible through the appearance he manifests. On the other hand, Hyde being Dr. Jekyll’s contrivance, to carry out evil purposes has an unattractive appearance and a repellentRead More Londons Social Class in Robert Louis Stevenson Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde747 Words   |  3 PagesLondons Social Class in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde One Victorian sentiment was that a civilized individual could be determined by her/his appearance. This notion was readily adopted by the upper classes and, among other things, helped shape their views of the lower classes, who certainly appeared inferior to them. In regards to social mobility, members of the upper classes may have (through personal tragedy or loss) often moved to a lower-class status, but rarely did one see an individual moveRead MoreA feminist reading of Doris Lessing’s ‘To Room Nineteen’ and ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson using ideas discussed in ‘The Second Sex’ by Simone de Beauvoir2446 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿A feminist reading of Doris Lessing’s ‘To Room Nineteen’ and ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson using ideas discussed in ‘The Second Sex’ by Simone de Beauvoir. The concept of Simone de Beauvoir’s myth of women discussed in ‘The Second Sex’ was still very much prevalent in the 1960s when ‘To Room nineteen’ was set and certainly at the time of ‘Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. In the 1960s, in accordance with the second wave of feminism, women were thoughtRead More Robert Stevenson Essay1629 Words   |  7 Pages Robert Louis Stevenson began writing during the Victorian era. His style was unlike anyone elseamp;#8217;s and his stories are still popular today. Robert Louis Stevenson was an author of many classic novels and his literary success became popular when he wrote the mystery called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886 at the young age of thirty-six. He was born on November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. HisRead MoreIdeas Of Good And Evil Follow From The Earliest Of Days.847 Words   |  4 Pagesfollow from the earliest of days. Robert Louis Stevenson’s parents lived devout in their Christianity, but Stevenson did not follow their ideas. G.B. Stern suggests that â€Å"Although he had rejected the Calvinist doctrines his parents taught him, the focus of the interplay of good and evil continued to influence his imagination† (Stern). Stevenson forced his parents away, but their ideas stayed in his thoughts and even affected The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His past affected his writing

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Lab Tasks Related to Project Management

Question: Discuss about theLab Tasks Related to Project Management. Answer: Lab No 10 Task 4: Team management is a complicated process. While handling the teams of professional purpose one has to deal with a number of things which may or may not be professional. Many a times, the people of the teams make different decisions. Also, they are not able to convince others during these scenarios. This leads to the creation of a heavy atmosphere within the team. The people begun to enter into quarrel with one another which also disturbs the environment of the team (Alotaibi Mafimisebi, 2016). Though all the members of the team have a view to do something good and fair for the project completion but because of the difference in opinion there are certain issues. In addition to this, one comes across a situation where the projects have to be completed with limited budget. Other problems which the manager of the team has to face are the effective implementation and management of the different challenges faced by the team (Atkinson, 1999). As a manager of the company, I need to make sure that there are no budget issues in the project. In the application development, the company Code Corp has to increase the cost estimate by $100000. Being a manager, this is a difficult situation for me. Code Corp Company is the core developer of the software and is directly involved in the process of project completion. Also, he has each and every detail of the code is with Code Corp only. Therefore, at this point of time, the developing company cant be changed as well. Though, Code Corp. is a good company but one needs to ensure that the project should not cost too high. In this case, there is a huge conflict among the different stakeholders of the project. Conflict 1) One conflict is there between the company and the Code Corp. Code corp. is mentioning that they need to provide much more effort and labor than what had been actually estimated by the company. The accused that the same is because of the fact that specifications were not provided completely. Under these conditions, I will first ask the finance team to do the budget analysis. This would include the analysis of the factors which had led to the increase in the budget. I would ask them to do the analysis, if the labor estimate initially was too low or the specifications werent provided correctly by the company. There will be analysis of the factors why the correct information wasnt sending to code corp., initially. Following this, if it is found that the wrong information had been send to the Code Corp, an investigation will be done on the team who did initial analysis and survey. I will also be asking the budget analysis team to do the proper analysis of the budget (Cleland Ireland, 2006). I will ensure that they find out that how much budget should be actually allocated to Code Corp Company. Also, I will ask the teams to analyze that how much amount can be paid to code corp. This would be done after each and every consideration such as I will also ensure that Code Corp. should be asked to lower down the budget estimate (Duncan, 1996). I will give them the information about the benefits which they can enjoy by developing the software for our team. If they are not convinced, we will also be giving them an offer for entering into the partnership with our company for this project. Conflict 2: The second conflict is because of the differences in the way people are working. They are not addressing to the different challenges which are to be faced by them. In order to resolve this issue, I will ensure that the teams work in a proper manner. I will make sure that each and every member is compliant to the rules and regulations and is also adhering to the different processes in the team. He/ She should show 100 % compliance for his work and completes each and every work on time and in a proper manner. If I find that the people are not their works seriously or leaving their jobs unfinished, I will be giving them an initial warning. Even after this, if it is found that a certain person is not being compliant still, they will be expelled from the organization. In order to handle any kind of conflict, I will initially be polite and will explain different people according to the wrong which they would have done. After this, I would take some harsh decisions. In order to convince the Code Corp, I would be using different strategies mentioned above ((Munns Bjeirmi, 1996). Lab 11: Task 1) Risk register may be defined as the scatter-plot which is used for the purpose of risk management and it acts as the repository for each and every risk which may be identified in case of the project. The risks which may be there in case of the application can be among the following: Estimation and Scheduling: One of the most important risks which may be there in the project is related to estimation and scheduling. Though the funds have been approved, but it is important that the code corp. company also completes the project within the given time frame and with best quality. Also it is important to ensure that the estimation of the amount given by Code Corp (Larson Gray, 201). should not be revised further. It has been very difficult to deal with the same once and no more changes can be made further. It is important that the teams of the company should ensure that the project is completed within the given deadline and in a proper manner. Compromise on design: It is important that when the final application will be delivered by Code Corp., there should be no compromise on its design. Sometimes, it has been observed that in order to complete the task within time, the developing company, intend to rush the process of design (Packendorff, 1995). This can be a waste in hours of programming as design proves to be a very important component of the development of the software. It should be ensured that the application is able to do the capture of the remote deposits in an efficient manner and it should not be the fact that the design of the project has been compromised. The final design should be completely as per the specifications. Environment Issues: One of the major issues which may be observed in the application is the environment issue. It is important that an application works properly in the production environment when millions or customers are using the application. There are certain times when the product may be working properly with limited number of users. But, whenever, there is lesser number of users, the application may fail to process. It is important that in the project, there isnt any issue with respect to the environment. Technical risk: Sometimes, it may be observed that the companies may reduce the overall functionality of the software in order to compensate for the overruns. This may lead to higher budget later on (Burke, 2013). There may be times when the conflict is observed between the functionality and the peak performance of the software. In order to get more profit, code corp may also reduce the functionality in the application. It is important to ensure that everything should be checked properly. No change in System configuration: It is assumed that there should not be any change required in the system configuration after the development and installation of the application. Remote sensing beyond the given distance: It is assumed that the remote sensing application would be working fine for the distances of around 10000 kilometers. But they may also work more than this. Therefore, it will be a positive risk. Task 2: Risk Matrix Analysis for the Risks: IMPACT Trivial Minor Moderate Major Extreme Rare Unlikely Technical risk Compromise on design Moderately Estimation and Scheduling Likely No change in System configuration Very Likely Remote sensing beyond the given distance Environment Issues Task 3: Each and every project has certain amount of risks associated with the same. But it is important ensure that the same risks should be handled in such a manner that it should not have any impact on the completion of the project. The response for the risks should be in a proper manner so as to minimize the risks which are there in the project. In order to handle the risk related to estimation and scheduling a clause will be added to the contract. This will make sure that there is no change at all in the completion of the project deadline and also the quality of the project. Also, fines would be levied on code corp. if the deadline of the project is missed and the same is not completed within the given duration of time. In order to respond to the risk regarding the compromise in design, the design team will do the complete analysis of the project design and will also observe the development process in a proper manner. The environment issues can be responded by ensuring that Code corp itself does the completion of the entire design by testing for more than 10 million customers (Zhang, 2016). They will have to ensure that the application works fine in the live environment as well. In order to avoid the technical risk, each and every segment of the application will be given a fixed space in the memory. This will ensure that there is no technical risk and the app can work properly even at its peak. References Alotaibi, A.B. and Mafimisebi, O.P., 2016. Project Management Practice: Redefining Theoretical Challenges in the 21st Century.Project Management,7(1). Atkinson, R., 1999. Project management: cost, time and quality, two best guesses and a phenomenon, its time to accept other success criteria.International journal of project management,17(6), pp.337-342. Burke, R., 2013. Project management: planning and control techniques.New Jersey, USA. Cleland, D.L. and Ireland, L.R., 2006.Project management. McGraw-Hill Professional. Duncan, W.R., 1996. A guide to the project management body of knowledge. Munns, A.K. and Bjeirmi, B.F., 1996. The role of project management in achieving project success.International journal of project management,14(2), pp.81-87. Larson, E.W. and Gray, C.F., 2011. Project management: The managerial process. Meredith, J.R. and Mantel Jr, S.J., 2011.Project management: a managerial approach. John Wiley Sons. Packendorff, J., 1995. Inquiring into the temporary organization: new directions for project management research.Scandinavian journal of management,11(4), pp.319-333. Zhang, Y., 2016. Selecting risk response strategies considering project risk interdependence.International Journal of Project Management,34(5), pp.819-830.

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Essay about My School Life Essay Example

Essay about My School Life Paper Paragraph Writing on My School Life I believe a good teacher can stimulate and help to improve the minds and lives of countless students by sharing with them gift of knowledge and believing in them. Early childhood is an important period of life. Childhood is the time when growth is great and learning is rapid. During my school life, I had many teachers. But there are two teachers that impressed me the most. After I finished my middle school in Chicago, We moved to Los Angeles for my dads job. I started going to high school at Los almitios, CA were I was introduced to my math teacher Mr. Shah chemistry teacher Mr. Patel. I would like to talk about those two teachers here. Mr. Shah is a Tall man with a deep quite voice walks in to the class room with piece of papers in his hand. Students knew that he will be giving us a small test based on last class, unlikely other teachers he wont give us any grads in that test but what he does is he will ask questions based on that test, for instance he asked a question after the test what is the formula of water ? and all students shout out H20, with this Mr. Shah can see if student has given right answers, if some students get it wrong they have not embarrassed themselves by individually raising their hand and announcing their mistake. We will write a custom essay sample on Essay about My School Life specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Essay about My School Life specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Essay about My School Life specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer But Mr. Shah knows that he needs to give them more attention. On other hand my math teacher, Mr Patel, soft speaking, young man walks thru the door in the class room then immediately starts writing series of questions on the black board. The question are based on what is going to be cover in that class , After finishing his writing ,he picks up someone randomly from the group of students and ask that questions. It does not require deep reading of the topic to answer those questions; one can easily answer those questions just by doing overview of the topic before that class, so by answering that question correctly student can build self confident and also it encourage others to read about the topic before the class. Unlike other teachers in his the class room, Mr Shahs teaching method is totally different. He wont use his notes or book, instead he asks students to read it from the book and then he explains that on board so in that way student not only understand topic by listing but simultaneously reading that from book. That also creates excitement in student while reading among all other students and that also enhance reading skills of the students . Unlike Mr Shah during his class Mr Patel always do presentations using power point that makes topic not only interesting but also easy to understand. During class presentation he always uses some interesting pictures and videos which attract students so students can understand remember that topic easily. Mr. Shah also does non traditional activity like going on field trip during quarter that gives an clear idea about subject and better understanding by putting live example infornt of students. For instance we visited discovery museum and science centre during class. The purpose of that trip was to take science learning out of class room and moves it in to real world. I was really impressed from this teacher. His methods not only creates an excitements in class room but also make me study and try perform better and better in class among other classmates and finally lead me to good grades in chemistry. While in Maths class we do not have to write down final exam paper instead Mr Patels class required that student have to present that their work as a individual or part of team , In that class we did presentation of solving quadratic equation using mathematics software, that was really challenging and was also fun to work and learn with new software to solve maths problem that makes us to think about different available software in todays world and choosing best for our application that gives us an idea about latest technologies and latest development the field. Even though my both the teachers have totally different personalities and method to teach their students, I have no doubt to consider both of them to be an effective teachers even with different presentation, teaching methods, standards. They improved my life a lot, due to their inspiration today I am able to peruse my masters in analytical chemistry at California state university, los angels. With out doubt I can say that both are very effective teachers for me.

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On Philip Larkins This Be The Verse Essays - Philip Larkin

On Philip Larkin's This Be The Verse Essays - Philip Larkin On Philip Larkin's This Be The Verse This Be the Verse by Philip Larkin They *censored* you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had And add some extra, just for you. But they were *censored*ed up in their turn By fools in old-style hats and coats, Who half the time were sloppy-stern And half at one another's throats. Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can, And don't have any kids yourself. Lately, I have read a good deal of poems by Philip Larkin, and one unifying factor that I have noticed is that Larkin never seems to use a filler. Every word in every one of his poems seems to be carefully crafted and placed, to the point where the flow and rhythm of the poem seem almost an accident. One poem I read that really stayed with me is the above poem, This be the Verse. I will now show you how this poem, which at first glance seems to be written only to amuse, really has a much deeper meaning. I will examine the poem in several parts. First, I would like to examine the use of curse words in the poem, or why other words that would be considered more acceptable to the general public were not used. Then, I will discuss the three stanzas of the poem and what they were meant to do for the audience. Lastly, I will explore why Larkin would write such a poem, and what he was trying to get across to his audience by writing it. The second line in this poem contains the word *censored*, a word that is usually not considered acceptable for the general public. Yet Larkin incorporates it almost immediately into his poem. I can think of four possible reasons why. Firstly, words such as *censored* quickly and easily grab the audiences attention. This is similar to yelling sex in a crowded marketplace, everyone wants to know what is being discussed. Also, words like *censored* prepare the audience for a humorous bit of poetry, and this perks the audience's attention, and lets them know off the bat that this will not be another long and boring verse. Secondly, words such as *censored* produce an atmosphere for adults, or mature people. One term that is used quite extensively lately is adult language. This term branches off of the common idea that children should and would not use such words until they are older and have a more concrete knowledge of what they are really saying. Thus, by using a word such as *censored*, Larkin creates a poem that will most likely not be read to children. Also, such a poem would not be read at certain social gatherings (i.e. church meetings) where such words are considered unacceptable, further narrowing the audience for this poem. That brings me to my third point: that the people who read such a poem know, whether consciously or not, that they are in a distinct group, and that this poem was written for them. This allows Larkin to establish a closeness with his readers, now that they know that he is writing for them. This also implies to the reader that Larkin is one of them, that he knows the reader well, because he is in the same social class. To sum it up, by using a word considered to be socially incorrect, Larkin has managed to establish more credibility with the reader, which inherently forces the reader listen up, and pay attention to what Larkin has to say. Lately, modern art and poetry are showing more and more unacceptable words. This is because such words have become synonymous with truth. In other words, the general public seems to feel that if an artist is using curse words, then he must be telling it like it is. Thus, using such words helps Larkin's credibility as a man who has seen and will now tell. Larkin's poem is divided into three stanzas, each with it's own meaning and objectives. The first stanza is the introduction. As discussed above, the first stanza singles out a select group of people and builds Larkin's credibility with them. But

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Case study for waste management Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

For waste management - Case Study Example Waste was collected in pits in many areas of the world so that the people could remain hygienic and also reduce the rate of mortality among the population. (Bilitewski, Hardtle and Marek, 1997, p. 1) Medical waste is mainly produced in hospitals where it is mostly considered infectious but in most cases not all of it is. The medical wastes include cultures and stocks of infectious agents; pathological wastes and also sharp objects such as needles and scalpels as well as body parts. (Brunner, 1996, p. 6) The amount of Medical waste generated in the world is difficult to tell since for example the amount of this waste that is generated in the US is not even known and the figure cannot even be estimated. Different reports estimate different figures based on how they calculate it. Most medical waste goes into the incinerators which are mainly used for pathological and infectious waste but this is a problem because the emissions from these incinerators are not managed, (Dutta, 2002, p. 259) The waste that is generated in the hospitals will need to be reduced through pretreatment which will help lower the quantity at the time for disposal. They will also need to be separated depending on their source and type to ease the process of managing it after that. Due to the increased cost of incineration in the recent years, non-incineration methods will greatly cut the cost of this form of disposal if they are employed. This will also reduce the emissions that come from these incinerators. Methods that are cost effective like autoclaving, chemical disinfection and compaction can be used towards this cause. Since incineration is the primary method for treating medical waste and this is likely to remain so, pollution control equipment that is more advanced should be included to be a standard part of the incinerator design. Major limitations